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Kyota (Key-Yo-Ta)….what,where,who is it?

Kyota is the answer.
Kyota is the truth.
Kyota is the land of hope.
A place where the individual is allowed to be just that.
Now you might be asking how come I have never heard of this (Key-Yo-ta) Kyota.
Kyota exists in the heart of one man and that man is the Shogun of Kyota.
From the sands of Iraq a fire was ignited and a pledge was made underneath the stars.
No one really knows what happened after he returned but soon their were whispers in the B-Boy Circles and Cyphers a strange individual in a mask was performing for anyone who would listen. The many tales of his exploits have been written off as urban myths, legends conjured up by a couple of DJ’z who had to much to drink. Thus began the Chronicles of the Hip-Hop Ninja.


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