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Turn your weaknesses into strengths

In the ever going battle between man we are faced with the challenge of always trying to stay one step ahead of our opponents utilizing the strengths of the team while remaining mindful of the weakness we have and being careful not to expose that to the enemy. I consider myself a new age philosopher and find myself doing a lot of reading from books  that are from the Far East or influenced heavily by that region. One of the constant themes I have come across is the importance of knowing oneself. If you know your abilities and are confident in what you can accomplish the battle some would say has already been decided. I have always been fond of long range combat. The fact that I can see my opponent before they see me and defeat them without ever knowing where I am is my ideal combat scenario. However its not as simple as just posting up on the far side of a map and laying them all out. People would quickly find out the general area I was and start up a search, surround me and Game Over. After a few times of this I realized I needed to master short range/melee combat. Having that skill set allowed me to switch my stance and fight myself out of the spot I was hiding in and instead step out and meet the enemy head on. Don’t run from your weakness instead embrace it and evaluate the past battles. How could you have done that different. Do I need to use a different item? Remember the improvement may not be apparent immediately. Give it a trial run and if your up for it why not test your new strategy on me? Send me an invite on XBOX StaticNiNjaX47


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