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The Kidd Kryptontie V2.1 – Total Recall and Update on all things KYOTA

KYOTA’z On The Rise!!!!

Big changes are occuring all around so it only natural that the online facet of my life reflect that as well. The new update will definetly show the shift to being solo once again. KYOTA is still a part of the brand but after careful consideration its time to start a new campaign.

I’ve relocated out of Orlando,FL and now I’m on the road Nomad style so I apologize in advance to those trying to get in contact with me. I’ll reply as soon as I’m able.

I’m working on a new project called “Faded Empire” LOL get it….maybe, maybe not but the name is appropritate in showing the elevation of The Kid Kryptonite. The vision I had for the team might not have come to fruition but the Sage still lives. S/O to the Respawn Don and Miyagi FLA.

No more reminiscing. The past is the past. However I will post 2 songs from that era. “Blast Off” and “S.O.L.O.”


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