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Random discussion on FFX-2 I stumbled into…..LMAO

I’m just gonna come out and say it.
FFX-2 was aight, but some people had alot more to say then that LOL

FFX-2 sucks, heres why:
1. The plot sucked [The whole purpose of the sequel was so she could look for Tidus] U couldn’t find him unless u 1. got the good ending. Really??? After that you completely forget shes even looking for Tidus. Lame.
2. We had to fight our own Aeons. Seriously?? Who does that?? Not only was it really rude, it had really nothing to do with the plot. Boo.
3. I hated Yuna. Why? Because they made her look like a damn slut. Take someone whose a highly respected Nun & put booty shorts on her.
Yeah great job Square Enix. Just completely sexify someone who had no sexuality in the first game…fuckers. On top of that give her a nonchalant carefree attitude while your at it thas all about girl power. Seriously?? Not Yuna, at all.
4. Shuyin/Lenne/Paine/Nooj/Baralai/Leblanc. WHO TF ARE THESE PEOPLE?? Is this the best in character development we can do???
Paine: Nothing more than a sorry excuse of an imitation of Lulu. Point blank, there I said it.

If you wanna see the rest yall know where to find me. @SageofKyota

Kyota’z On The Rise!!!

Special Thanks to @Stargal3646


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