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Powerlevel 9000!!! (True Potential) by Static Kyota

This track was born out of frustration and just the need to channel the negativity that was swirling around me into something positive. Subsequently it was also the start of a new chapter in how I approached music and different things I wanted to start experimenting with. Anyone who knows me knows I have a love for Anime and DBZ is a classic. My favorite character is Vegeta and I decided to infuse one of his most famous quotes into the track. After I watched the episode I got a kick out of something Nappa also said so I had to toss it in. I was going to write more but I decided to let the music itself express how I was feeling. Their isn’t some formula you have to follow so I did what I wanted on it. I’m writing this not really expecting anyone to even read it, but if somebody does I want it to at least make some kind of sense. I’m pretty much done with supporting other people and their dreams. Seems like I’ve been doing that and not seeing any of it in return. I helped people out real talk get back on their feet and when I’m down in hard times WTF you look around and think somebody is gonna be there to say do something ya know. I guess when people are living good they forget or they just don’t want to be bothered. How are you gonna have mad equipment or a nice place and not put it to use. Their are people in the world who would love to trade places with you. Fuck the katz who never wanted to do music and basically acted mad shady on the music front. I’m starting over. Actions speak louder then words.

Song Title: Its over 9000!!! (True Potential)
Artist: Static Kyota

Cars Reving
Fast Cars and Fight Jets
Plane fly by

My rage is building
I don’t give a damn
I’ve been trying my best but its never enough
Face to Face with these demons
I’ll fight this last time
If I don’t make it out
Its all good
I’m just one of many
So take your pick
Which sword should I slay you with?
Smile across your face
Man you make sick
My true potential they’ll never see
My intentions were good
Misunderstood? Naw more like overlooked
Fuck this Universe
Fuck this Industry
I’ll go against fate, I’ll take you all with me
That’s just how crazy I am
This shits no joke
Fast Cars and Fighter Jets
Stay out of my way
9000 different ways to ruin your day
My names Kyota I’m here to stay

Nappa: “Whats with your face? I don’t like it.”
Vegeta: “His power levels at 7000, 8000….Impossible..”
Nappa: “What does the scouter say about his powerlevel?”
Vegeta: “It’s over 9000!!!!”

Track Produced by: Static Kyota
Written by: Static Kyota
Samples from: Dragonball Z Episode twenty-eight – “Goku’s Arrival”


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