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Dennis Rodman inducted into Hall of Fame #HOF2011

This is my own dedication to one of my favorite players in NBA history who was often misunderstood and shunned by a world that would rather point and make fun then really get to know the guy behind the persona sometimes referred to as “The Worm”. Growing up their was only one jersey I wanted besides a Jordan jersey and that was Number 91 Dennis Rodman. Now to some this may sound crazy but to me Rodman was the man. I played power forward growing up so I was a Rebounder. I was a scrapper. I also felt like an outkast trying to make it through this crazy world so I connected with Rodman. This guy had a great caereer that spanded from 1986–2006. 5 Time NBA Champion (2 Detroit Pistons & 3 Chicago Bulls),  7 Time NBA All-Defensive First Team, 2 Time NBA Defensive Player of the year. 2 Time NBA All-Star. He also led the NBA in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive years. Also I think its notable that he also connected on a .595 field goal percentage in his 1989-90 season, which made him the most precise shooter of the league. He had the honor of having his Number 10 Jersey being retired in Detroit. Dennis Rodman is the best rebounder the NBA has and will ever see. These katz today don’t seem to understand the concept and I’m sorry Dennis “The Menace” is one of those people that only come along once every other Millennium.

Dennis “The Menace” Rodman

Rodman brought an energy and passion to the game that alot of the players today lack. I’m sorry but honestly some of the games I see are just downright boring. You can say what you like about the guy but if you look at his stats what he did was Legendary and that’s exactly why he earned his spot into the Hall of Fame. His journey from the “Bad Boys” of Detroit to the Team of Destiny the Chicago Bulls is one of ups and downs but he percevered. He wasn’t clean cut or perfect and that’s ok. To me that made him even more like the average joe. You don’t know the personal struggles a person goes through unless you really sit down with them and listen. During his Hall of Fame speech I think he let his guard down and really showed his vunerable side and we all gained some insight into his fight and to the people who mattered most to him during his career. You could tell that the Bulls era was something he really cherished.

This dedication wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging Rodman’s unique style on the court.

Congratulations and Thank You Dennis for all the memories


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