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Barcelona Win the Spanish Super Cup!!!!

The entire soccer world turned its eyes towards Spain to witness the battle between 2 super powers on the pitch. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. I have to say that the Supercopa de España was a great way to start off this season. Each game was filled with twists and turns and their wasn’t a minute without drama. You did not leave the couch during regulation. The 1st game was tight match and ended with a Real Madrid (Özil, Xabi Alonso) 2-2 FC Barcelona (Villa, Messi) result.

The 2nd game was just as exciting and ended with a scuffle as result of a challenge by Marcelo. FC Barcelona (Iniesta, Messi 2) 3-2 Real Madrid (Ronaldo, Benzema ) LOL even I’ll admit it wasn’t much but throughout both games Real was tallying up the fouls left and right. Alonso,Pepe, and Marcelo those guys crack me up. Anybody who knows me knows I can’t stand Pepe but that’s only cause he is a good defender but he is just brutal sometimes on the backline. In the end it didn’t matter because Messi is just to good. He is the best dribbler in the world hands down. How many times did he shake 4 guys and make a pass that to be honest was supernatural cause those passes are always on point even under high pressure. The winning goal he scored was just amazing. The speed he had when he made the Volley shot was wild cause if you watch he is sprinting and everyone else is jogging o_O. The caliber of play is what I like. Sorry Madrid fans LOL Go grab yourselves an ice cream or something.

Congratulations to FC Barcelona!!!  Supercopa de España 2011 Champions


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