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Apple’s UFO Campus…..

1st off I’m surprised this has stayed below my radar for so long. Steve Jobs who has recently resigned from Apple announced this project in June. Makes me wonder what he is doing now in his retirement…. especially with things like this on the way. Now he’s off the radar free to do as he pleases. Apple released architectural renderings, floor plans and site info for the combination office/R&D/corporate facilities build. You can see all the info on the site.

The real reason I even felt this was worthy to write on was this info I collected which to me I couldn’t believe. Keep reading you’ll see what I’m talking about…..

Just how big is the Cupertino Apple Campus going to be? If you said “spaceship size,” you’d be mostly correct. Enterprising MacObserver writer John Martellaro did some calculations:

I couldn’t find a notation on that drawing of the diameter of the circular building, but I did find scale marks at the bottom. Note that the distance between the outside red arrows is marked as 600 ft. By that scale, I measured the distance between Wolfe Road and Tantau Ave as 2653 ft.
Given that comforting sanity check, I measured the diameter of the Apple spaceship as 1615 ft, plus or minus a few ft., depending on where one places the ruler. That’s a radius of 807.5 ft.
So, if one could magically fly the future Apple spaceship to Arlington, VA and hover over the Pentagon, it would just slightly cover it.
Here’s a rough overlay* showing the Apple HQ, the Pentagon, and top to bottom: a cruise ship, a U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier, what looks like a U.S. Navy Blimp, a WWII battleship, the Empire State Building and a supertanker.

So there you have it. Apple’s spaceship is larger than the Pentagon. Its not enough they have more money then the U.S. Government but now they are building a structure on par with the nexus of our military. What do you think of this? Leave a comment, share on facebook and twitter.


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  1. Asr ⋅

    They invest in a large building for billions of dollars for any kind of future investment proof intentions in some ways. But most these kinds of large headquarters usually end up with different owner according to historic facts. For this building they will end up spending hundreds of millions of dollars for overhead expenditures per decade of operation.

    For innovations usefulness there are more questions with it too.

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