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Best 300ZX widebody kit I’ve seen


UPDATE 9/20/12

Hello my fellow Z enthusiast and car lovers. Due to the overwhelming amount of messages concerning this 300ZX in question

I have begun the search for its location and I could use you help as well.

Once I find out I will share the knowledge here.

Contact me on TWITTER @NamelessHeroX


7 responses to “Best 300ZX widebody kit I’ve seen

  1. Joseph Oliver ⋅

    Where can I get this kit

  2. Jennifer Corral ⋅

    Looks like something Mattel would design for a limited run of 1/64th scale diecast Hot Wheels.
    These cars are more beautiful in stock form!

  3. jess ⋅

    YES i like to know also can you share this info

  4. I would like to purchase this body kit. Please email me at and let me know. Thank you.

  5. Static Kyota ⋅

    Reblogged this on Kyota is the Future and commented:

    This post has started to grab alot of attention over the summer. The one question I keep getting is “Where can I get this kit?” I don’t know and I know someone out there has the answer. Help satisfy the yearn of Z lovers everywhere and tell me so I can spread the word. @NamelessHeroX

  6. Anonymous

    Any word yet on this body kit? I’m anxious to know where my shop can get its hands on it. Thanks.

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