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Mixtape: Pat Preezy and Rahk – Sorry For The Neptunes

Pat Preezy and Rahk have put out another successful Neptunes tribute tape with their latest offering “Sorry For The Neptunes Tape”. While listening to this tape it is damn near impossible to tell that Pharrell and Chad did not compose each and every one of these beats. I swear this just takes me back to a time when the world just seemed to be in balance. Video Games/Movies/TV/Music/Sports they were all still good. Now its just a pitiful scene. I’ll be in my Garage training to this in the days to come. Enjoy!

1. Intro
2. 9th Planet
3. Hmmmmmmmm No Sirrrrrrrrr
4. Camel
5. Black & Blue Website
6. Interlude
7. Justin Timbercreek
8. Madonna Gap Teeth
9. Where Is Kelis
10. Soft Candy
11. Outro

Download ->>


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