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Elemment Palazzo – Ultimate Luxury RV

The home gives you a Motor sports package XXL with a dual sport exhaust system, Carbon rear diffuser, eleMMent design wheels 28 inch front axle, single-arm windscreen wiper with rotor drive, and a 25% reduction in fuel consumption thanks to an aerodynamic design. You can pick from several cockpit designs depending on your tastes (like a motor sports or yachting style design). The home sports fully automated controls, including climate control, a couch that can be converted to a bar automatically and an automatically appearing first sky lounge (that features furniture, sun roof, hand rail and stairs). For your entertainment the caravan sports a high-end multi-media system, and a 40 inch TV – “with slide up function as well as fireplace function when parked” and a 40 inch TV in master bedroom.

The other option you can look at is the eleMMent viva – V.I.P. shuttle. While it has the same features as the palazzo, the additional features include a chauffeur booth and 6 high-end business lounge easy chairs that recline into sleeping position and comes with a massage function. The Infotainment system comes with a video store, internet and routing information system and 8 monitors that are scattered around the vehicle. The shuttle features a high-end multimedia system, a lounge area with bar and you can also opt for a mobiles office package that sports workplaces along with network installations.


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