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Nissan DeltaWing

Nissan has done it again and partnered with the DeltaWing project to insure the racing world is once again dazzled and dominated on the racetrack. Set to appear at the 24hr Le Mans this car is already creating a buzz throughout the world.

The idea behind the car is that it will have half the weight and aerodynamic drag of a traditional Le Mans racing car and use about half the horsepower. That horsepower will come from a specially prepared Nissan 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine.


Sports-car racing team Highcroft Racing, a longtime competitor in the American Le Mans Series, has been developing the car with  a group known as Project 56. The name reflects the car’s 56th spot on the starting grid, which is reserved for an innovative car to compete outside some of the usual rules.




In addition to Highcroft and Nissan, Project 56 includes design firm DeltaWing Racing Cars LLC, and All American Racers, the company owned by 1967 Le Mans winner and 1960s Formula 1 star Dan Gurney.



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