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I can’t say I was truly amazed by the demo put on by Microsoft and its clear the audience they are shooting for isn’t just a gamer. The whole multi-panel snap feature is impressive and I can definitely get down with the TV functionally but I don’t really watch alot of TV so I’m not sure how much I’d really use it. I was hoping we’d see more of how Kinect actually has improved in the gaming aspect. The addition of Skype is pretty cool but I don’t want people annoying me just cause they seem me logged in XBOX. It looks like I will be Invisible alot. The game trailers again didn’t impress me AT ALL! Unless its actual gameplay I don’t care how clean you make the trailer look. Forza again….Yawn. Typical EA lineup….Yawn. I’m hoping things really are as elevated and advanced as they make it out to be. I don’t see the A.I. getting any better. Big surprise another COD game lol. It looks like the new IP’s are the only bright spot. They didn’t answer the question of whether not you’d be able to play rented game, is it backwards compatible, or if you have to be connected to the internet all the time. I guess the real details will be given at E3.


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