Cosplay from New York Comic-Con 2012



The Mighty AE-86……take a walk with me people

Ok so I have a morning ritual which includes a time where I throw on one of my favorite anime stories Intial-D. Now if your unfamiliar with the story it basically revolves around drifting and the drivers who command the various imports that make appearances throughout the series. Now funny thing is I found this when I was in the Air Force and I only had like 2 episodes from season 3 I believe. To this day I have yet to find something out there that can bring down this racing drama. This isn’t a review or anything. Just sharing the wealth ya dig! @NamelessHeroX





Anime Spotlight: Gunslinger Girl Season 1


Hello and welcome to the very first edition of the Anime Spotlight brought to you by KYOTA. “KYOTA forever rising!” Now the subject at hand is a drama filled with intrigue of a civil war in Italy where battles are forged by cybernetic kids. I needed something to fill the void after wrapping up Golgo-13 and this was my first suggestion on Netflix.  It took me awhile to get into but I’m glad i waited it out. They get better at their craft and perform some impressive feats.  Alot of emotional connections between the cyborgs and handlers is something touched upon early on. I’m not going to reveal any spoilers but if you have a thing for covert ops and cyborgs it could be up your alley. The action sequences were cool cause I mean come on its a little kid running around with the strength of the Hulk. You have to watch the video below. Once you do make your way to your couch and enjoy the ride.




Writers Of “Captain America” Movie Want To Introduce Falcon (1st African American Superhero) In Sequel

Stan Lee introduced Falcon in Captain America #117 (September 1969),calling him the first African American superhero. His superhero abilities: Empathic link with pet falcon, ability to see through the eyes of nearby birds, flight, skilled martial artist and gymnast.

Now if they do this it would be dope . It would give us a chance to see Cap as the man in his time. Most comic book readers are most familiar with the present day cap who was found in that block of ice and woke up not to the free world he thought he had sacrificed everything for. Now I’m honestly surprised to hear about Falcon but its really a great thing because he is one of the main characters on The Super Hero Squad Show and he’ll be in the The Avenegers: Earth’s Mightest Hereos cartoon which has become quite popular. (Check it out on Netflix). Now if only we could get X-Men right. WTF lol  Its nothing more then talk but hey at least it shows they are going to at least try to satisfy some of us who have been reading the stuff for awhile.