Babes & Boost

In celebration of the launch of our friends twitter account @BabesandBoost showcasing beautiful women and exotic rides.

Give them a follow and enjoy!


Paris Auto Show Begins!!!!!

Ahhhh Paris.A city of romance.
A city of passion.
Having been to Paris several times it brings back great adventures from my youth
exploring the streets and charm of culture with my friends.
To add to all that splendor the city has to offer the Paris Auto Show marks its return.





Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

【TGS 2012】Breast of the Show: the Gloops Booth Babes

When I go to Japan I might marry a booth babe ❤


I had never heard of Japanese social game developer gloops before attending Tokyo Game Show.

And even after spending a considerable amount of time at their booth, I still have absolutely no idea what their games are about because let’s be honest: how could you stay focused on a screen when you’re surrounded by the exposed chests and unbuttoned shorts of the gloops booth babes?

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